Week Community Orchard, Dartington

Home made cake is essential!

Community Orchard, Week – known to us happily as ‘COW’ – is approximately three acres, right in the centre of the village of Week, and was started in 2013. With the enthusiasm and hard work of many of our members, over the past three years we have planted about 80 fruit trees, edible hedging on two sides of our boundary, about 10 soft fruit bushes, and a small number of hardwood trees.

We meet for a Working Party on the first Saturday of the month – weather permitting, in the morning, when we arrange to do whatever is necessary, such as putting cardboard round the base of trees, mulching, pruning, apple juicing etc. Towards the end of these sessions, we gather round for a hot drink and home made cake, both essential!

Some of our members have taken courses on tractor driving, scything, pruning, mostly on site, and also First Aid.

Once, maybe twice a year, we hold a special fund raising event – either in the orchard or in the village – which is very much enjoyed.

Site details / contact


Size of site: 3 acres

Parish: Dartington

Number of trees: 80+ 300 edible hedging & amenity trees

Age of trees at 2020: 10 years and under


Week Community Orchard, Dartington

Ashley Parsons