Sparkwell Community Orchard

Sparkwell Primary: an apple-inspired school!

The community orchard in Sparkwell is a fantastic example of how a school and its community can work together to help create a resource for everyone. The planting at Sparkwell is not a standard orchard site and has been inspired by what is available. Local apple and fruiting trees have been planted in and around the school and neighbouring car park that it shares with the village hall. Horticulturalists from the area guided school children and village volunteers to help with the planting.

Sparkwell All Saints primary chool is a fairly new build and has chosen to adopt the apple as its symbol, honouring the orchard heritage of the village. The school can look forward to many years of healthy eating, learning about growing, encouraging wildlife and engaging with the seasonal year. The school put on an Apple Day for the village. Working with artists they wrote new songs and poems which you can listen to here.

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Sparkwell Community Orchard

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