Ringmore Community Orchard

A terraced orchard

The orchard is situated at the top of a wooded hilly site, a ten minute walk from the village.

It was first planted by the National Trust in 2002, on the site of an ancient orchard, with 13 trees of 6 old Westcountry varieties, with a further 15 non-culinary trees, such as crab apple and cherry plum added in 2005. It had then been totally ignored and had returned to the wild until a local volunteer project to restore it was started in late 2011.

Gradually, a series of work parties have cut back peripheral shrub and tree growth, with periodic brush cutting and grubbing out of ground cover to improve both access for work parties and growing conditions for the trees. Steps into, and a footpath through the orchard were created, and a bench looking out across Ringmore added, to improve access and encourage visitors. Pruning, some quite severe, was undertaken, to give better form to the trees, and modest harvests and a couple of Apple Days have been enjoyed in the village.

Following a funding grant injection in late 2014, a major enhancement was undertaken in early 2015, when a digger and operator were brought in, new terracing created and further ground clearance work done, including the removal of the majority of the non fruiting trees. Four distinct terraced areas were then available, and 35 new Westcountry heritage apple trees were sourced and planted, giving us 47 fruiting trees.

Site details / contact


Size of site: 0.4 acre

Parish: Ringmore

Number of trees: 47

Age of trees at 2020: 8 - 18 years


Ringmore Community Orchard

John Reynolds