Lower Sharpham Barton Community Orchard, Ashprington

Old and new grow side by side

Lower Sharpham Barton Community Orchard is an historic orchard in two plots (old and new). Shown on historic maps dating from 1880, the old orchard has consistently had trees growing there for over 100 years. The new plot has 50 trees and guards which were planted between 2013-15.

Some volunteers include adults with learning difficulties from the Robert Owen Community as well as international students from Ambios Ltd, who are the farm tenants on the Sharpham Estate.

Site details / contact


Size of site: 1.48 Ha

Parish: Ashprington

Number of trees: 62

Age of trees at 2020: 6 - 131 years


Lower Sharpham Barton Community Orchard

Jack Skuse