Huxhams Cross Community Orchard, Dartington

Huxhams Cross Community Orchard began its life in 2013. Our two acre site is now home to about 120 fruit trees, a soft fruit garden and a small nuttery. The land is leased from Dartington estate and managed organically by the Huxham Cross community.

Our vision is to maintain the orchard as a resource which is both an inviting community space and a working orchard.

Huxhams Cross Community Orchard:

  • provides delicious food for our community
  • provides a space for gatherings, celebrations and quiet contemplation.
  • gives us an opportunity to work together and strengthen our interconnectedness.
  • supports biodiversity and combats climate change

Our trees are grown on MM106 rootstock or equivalent. We have chosen mostly local and heritage varieties with little duplication. The orchard is designed with a mix of early and late varieties to produce fruit over the longest possible season.

A mature tree can produce 20-40 kilos of fruit. This means that when our orchard matures it could produce well over 2000 kilos of fruit per year, enough for Huxhams Cross community and beyond

You are welcome to roam in our orchard and enjoy its beauty. However, please do not pick the fruit or leave dog poo or litter behind.

Getting involved

The orchard is run on a membership basis with each member paying a fee, helping out with tasks and sharing in the harvest. To become a member or a friend of the orchard please get in touch.

Find out more about this site in the Huxhams Cross Case Study write-up which you can access at the bottom of our Growing Orchard Communities webpage.

Site details / contact


Size of site: 2.2 acres

Parish: Dartington

Number of trees: 110

Age of trees at 2020: 10


Huxhams Cross Community Orchard

Daverick Leggett