Holbeton Community Orchard

A mature orchard with barbecue area

Holbeton Community Orchard is a vibrant community orchard in the heart of the village, close to the primary school and village hall. This beautiful, mature site has excellent infrastructure with it’s BBQ and herb area, seating, grassed open area with younger trees which is ideal for hosting village events, and pathways through the older orchard. This is the fruit of several years of dedication to the orchard site by its inspired volunteers. The orchard is planted with many local varieties of apple and actively encourages wildlife. The community orchard is used by the village and visitors for Apple Days, other seasonal events, work days or simply a visit or for playing in.


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Size of site: 2 acres

Parish: Holbeton

Number of trees: 45

Age of trees at 2020: 10 - 105 years, mostly mature


Holbeton Community Orchard

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