Dartmouth Community Orchard

A haven for wildlife and people

The Dartmouth Community Orchard occupies a 3.4 acre site opposite the Royal Naval College. It has been owned by Dartmouth Town Council since 1993, but it is an ancient orchard – records go back to the early 1800s. There are 130 trees of at least 50 different varieties. They are of varying ages and grow in two paddocks separated by a woodland zone with some fine mature oak, ash and sweet chestnut trees. The paddocks and woodland are flower rich and host to a range of wildlife – insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. It is part of a green corridor encircling the Dart valley.

Friends of Dartmouth Community Orchard

Since the start of 2015, the Friends of the Orchard have helped to care for it. They undertake pruning, scrub control, path improvement, and wildlife enhancement projects. They run community events – picnics and apple pressings – and promote it as an ‘outdoor classroom’ for use by local schools as well as a place for quiet recreation.

Read more about Dartmouth Community Orchard in the Case Study which you can access at the end of our Growing Orchard Communities project page. Listen to the songs written and performed by children from Dartmouth Academy here and watch the film they helped to make called ‘This is our Orchard

Site details / contact


Size of site: 3.4 acres

Parish: Dartmouth

Number of trees: 80

Age of trees at 2020: 35 - 105 years


Dartmouth Community Orchard

Peter Shaw