Beeson Community Orchard

Where wildlife is welcome

The Stokenham parish group of orchards includes Beeson, Chillington and Stokenham Community Orchards

Stokenham Parish Orchard Cluster Group was group was formed to share volunteer ideas and skills and support all three orchards in the parish by working together to ensure that the areas are well managed, regularly maintained and that they are promoted as an asset for the community to use and enjoy. You can read more about them in the “Case Study” section at the bottom of the Growing Orchard Communities page.

Beeson Community Orchard Group comprises local residents caring for Beeson Orchard which has Village Green status. It nestles in the middle of an area surrounded by houses in the centre of the village. There is a good variety with apple, pear, damson, medlar and crab apple trees. Other plantings include dog rose, elder and wild flowers seeds. The Orchard also includes a small pond to attract wildlife and the whole area is regularly enjoyed by the community with barbecues, apple harvesting and events.

Site details / contact


Size of site: 2/3rds Acre

Parish: Stokenham

Number of trees: 12

Age of trees at 2020: 11 Years


Beeson Community Orchard Group

Peter Moore