Meet your Orchard Link committee

Orchard Link is entirely volunteer-run. The Management Committee oversees a broad range of activities and undertakes all the behind-the-scenes work necessary to ensure that members can enjoy the benefits of belonging to the organisation.

The strength of Orchard Link lies in the participation of its membership, and the current Committee is manned by people who have collectively been members and/or on the committee for many years.

The committee is always grateful to members for their help and would welcome hearing from any member who would be interested in joining the committee or who feels they may be able to contribute in any way.


Robin Toogood

I’ve been a member of Orchard Link since 2010 and I part-own a small orchard where I live at South Brent. Before my retirement I worked in various environmental and conservation roles, most recently as manager for the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  I have learned a huge amount about orchards and fruit-growing from attending Orchard Link training courses and really enjoy the events. I served as Treasurer of Orchard Link from 2012 to 2020, and then switched to the role of chairman. I am also a Director of Orchard Link. I can be contacted on


Financial Director

Peter Webb

I am Financial Director/Treasurer and a Director of Orchard Link Ltd.  I’ve been a member for 10 years+, joining because I wished to know more about apples. I have my own orchard with access to many others, initially making fruit juices and cider, and now just cider. I commercially produce on average 3-4000 litres a year, plus other contract pressing and cider making.





Tattwa Gyani

I recently moved to South Devon from North Devon, where for 7 years I was chair of Orchards Live, sister organisation to Orchard Link. I am part of the events team at Orchard Link. I can attend training events as support and teach various orchard skills, pruning and grafting, etc. I have time to make visits to assess orchards.


Equipment Hire

Audrey Ryder

I have been growing fruit for ages! My Bramleys won first prize at a village show in the early 70s. I have a mature orchard with a variety of cultivars grown in a Forest Garden fashion. I eat apples every day throughout the year and drink home made cider and vinegar. I have a degree in Recreation and Community which obliges me to pull my weight as a committee member of Orchard Link!




Chris Edwards

I’ve been a member of Orchard Link since about 2011 and am currently Events and Courses Coordinator. I’m also a member of Community Orchard Week and have 6 apple and pear trees of my own on an allotment I rent. If you have any ideas for a training course or a social event that we can facilitate then please do get in touch at



Gill Gairdner

Director of Orchard Link and Newsletter Editor. Apples are special in Devon! I joined the committee of Orchard Link in 2008 and have co-produced the (3x/yr) newsletter since 2013. The job has two parts – seeking out/securing potential contributors and organising the material into a simple Word template. The shared role means you can pool ideas and divvy up the tasks: it’s never onerous.


Social media and publicity

Sue Hallam

I help Gill Gairdner to produce the members’ newsletter Orchard Link News. Suggestions for articles from members are always welcome! I also handle the Orchard Link Facebook and Twitter accounts and act as committee secretary. I have an old traditional cider apple orchard near Ipplepen and have been an Orchard Link committee member since 2016.

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General management committee members

Graeme Prowse

In 2014 I had the chance to buy the land I rented. I knew a local cider producer, so I consulted him and cider apples seemed the way to go. That got me interested; I discovered Orchard Link and joined. Reading the newsletter, I turned up at a meeting, and found myself on the committee. Having a more than passing interest in deer I became the deer advisor.



Charles Staniland (former Chairman of Orchard Link), Tim Walker, Tess Wilmot and Sara Hurley are also active members of the management committee.

The committee is always pleased to hear from members. To contact a committee member, please email them direct to the address under their profile above, or use the general email address