Programme of Events and Courses for 2021



Here is a brief outline of the in-person and Zoom events we are currently arranging for the Summer and Autumn months. Further details will be added as we confirm the dates, times and arrangements  for each event.



Stone Fruit Pruning

We are planning a visit to a local orchard to look at and demonstrate techniques for pruning stone fruit with Charles Staniland and Tattwa Gyani.

The date and venue will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. Places will be limited and Government Covid advice and regulations in force at the time will apply


Summer work in your orchard

In this training session we will be visiting a local orchard (or perhaps two) to look at summer work in orchards. Summer pruning techniques of apples and pears will be discussed and demonstrated along with other tasks usefully carried out during the summer months.


A visit to a Cider Orchard

We are working on a visit to a cider producing orchard at which we will be able to walk around the orchard itself and look at the methods of cider production employed.

Two Free Zoom sessions on using Orchard Link’s equipment

Are you thinking of hiring or have already booked any of the Orchard Link presses, mills and pasteurisers for this autumn’s harvest? Then attending one of these short intro sessions on Zoom is essential. We’ll briefly cover the different types of equipment available, the key things you need to know about using them including safety, and how the on-line booking system works. There will be plenty of opportunity for your questions. We want our members to make good use of the excellent professional-quality equipment we have for hire: these short sessions will get you on the front foot and head off the last-minute confusions – and panics – that arise when members are unfamiliar with the equipment and system!

Tickets for both of these sessions are available now on the Events and Courses page of the web site or by clicking here


The annual Orchard Link Summer Gathering.

At this year’s annual gathering for Orchard Link members and their families the accent will be on Using and Storing your Produce.

Be it drinks, both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic, jams, butters, cakes, preserving and drying, plus anything else our imagination runs to.


We’re putting together some Apple based talks for the autumn nights and are arranging a talk by John Walters on the findings from the recent Orchard Wildlife Surveys he has been carrying out in some of our members orchards.


All events will be subject to the government Covid guidelines and regulations in place at the time.