Payment Page

Please note that if you are paying by PayPal, your Paypal email must match the email you just entered in the Registration Form or you will end up with two memberships and will not be able to login to the Members section.

Pay your relevant membership subscription through the buttons below; for now all memberships are Individual.  You can pay for a single year or for the maximum convenience for you and Orchard Link you can start an automatic annually recurring payment.

For a Single Year Memberships, if you wish to pay by PayPal, click the PayPal button under your membership type to login to your existing PayPal account, or to create a new account in the payment window.  If you wish to pay by Debit or Credit card, click on any of the card images under your membership type (you will select the actual card type in the payment window).

If you are renewing a Single Year Membership before your membership has expired, your new expiry date will be a year following expiry of your old.

Individual Single Year Membership

For Annual Recurring Memberships you will need a PayPal account, or create one as part of the payment process.  Your membership will renew automatically on the anniversary of payment.  You will receive PayPal reminders that it is about to be paid and you can cancel the renewal anytime before that date through your PayPal account pages.

Individual Annual Recurring Membership (Requires PayPal Account)

Group Single Year & Annual Recurring Memberships not active until April 2021; will be on this page from Jan 2021