MacAndrews Field Community Orchard, Ivybridge

Where history meets biodiversity

MacAndrews Field has a fascinating history with it’s WW2 connections and recent story of creating a community green space. The field is close to plenty of housing in the busy market town of Ivybridge. What was once an unused field has been transformed into a multi-use community asset with landscaped play area, borders planted with shrubs and wild flowers, and an open space for recreation.

Part of extensive clearance in its early days paved the way for new planting schemes including a small orchard. The orchard is planted with Devon varieties of apple tree and sits within the other plants and amenities of MacAndrews Field.

It is an interesting WW2 heritage site connected with American troops, The Bedford Boys. A commemorative bench has been made by carpenter Peter Lanyon in remembrance of those soldiers: one of many remarkable and unexpected features of this special place.

The picture below is one of two benches that commemorate the American soldiers who lost their lives. Each plank has the name of one of the ‘Bedford Boys’ carved in to it and it’s length has been determined by the age of the man when they died. Sobering and beautiful. Behind the bench are some freshly planted copper beech trees.

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Parish: Ivybridge

Number of trees: 12

Age of trees at 2020: 10


MacAndrews Field Community Orchard

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