Community Orchard Sites in South Devon

Find out about over 25 community orchards in South Devon and the people who look after them.

South Devon is home to many community orchards, each one with its own unique story. Whether situated in a town, village or hamlet, with 12 or 112 trees, be it a haven for wildlife, a place to grow or an open space for people – every community orchard has one thing in common: they are run by the community for the community.

Orchard Link actively supports community orchards, with their fruit and nut trees, their wildlife biodiversity, and the volunteers who help to look after them as open, green spaces for their community and for visitors to use and enjoy.

This area of the website is where you can find out about community orchards and their groups in South Devon. We want to help you find your nearest community orchard, the kind of work days or seasonal events they hold and how to get in touch with them. We rely on the community orchards to tell us their information so some things may be missing or out of date.

Between 2015 and 2017 we ran a project called Growing Orchard Communities with Lottery funding which gave a huge boost to community orchards in South Devon.
Find out more: Growing Orchard Communities Project

Click on any of the site links listed to find more information about each community orchard, where you will find a location map, a description and a contact.

Keeping Up to Date

It has been a while since the information on these pages has been updated. If it’s your Community’s Orchard, and you spot something out of date, or you have new information, please get in touch. If you are involved in a community orchard not listed here and would like it to be added, or if you are thinking about starting a new community orchard in your part of south Devon and want to tap us for expertise and advice, please let us know:

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