Basket Apple Press Hire £20.00 per day

Metal Apple Press Hire

£35.00 per day

Oak Apple Press Hire

£45.00 per day

Basket Apple Press Hire

£20.00 per day

Pasteuriser Hire

£10.00 per day

We have also a 20 L basket press with a small electric mill.  This consists of a circular cage of oak slats which holds the apple pomace, sat on a steel frame.  We estimate it will press around 8-10 kg of fruit producing around 4-5 litres of juice per pressing. The press's dimensions are 89 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm (weight 38 kg), and with the small mill and buckets should fit on the back seat of a family car.  It is primarily aimed at those who want to try out making juice for the first time or don't have a huge amount of fruit to press.  

Please note that this press is REALLY for small amounts of fruit (an average sized tree's worth).  

If you choose this as a cheaper alternative to the larger presses you are likely to be frustrated as for anything more than a tree's worth of apples, the basket press is slow and challenging.  As all the milled apple pulp is contained within one muslin bag (rather than being built up in successive layers in the larger presses) it very readily moves around if the point of pressure is even slightly off centre and the circular pressing block needs repeatedly re-setting. It is a variable problem, depending on how sloppy the particular batch of apple mush is and how careful you are to set the initial pressure position.  So this can be managed for a small press load but is likely to frustrate and fail to finish in a day a larger load.

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