Hire Equipment

Juice It ! - Orchard Link has equipment that members can hire for apple pressing and pasteurising

Last year we introduced a new, automated online booking system which speeds up the process and requires payment by PayPal on booking.  After years of giving up a lot of time and energy to equipment hire, George passed the baton on to John.  If you didn't hire last year and are used to contacting George to arrange hire, please don't call or email him!  The rest of this page tells you how it's managed now.

Please read this page before following the hire process as it contains important information and the Terms and Conditions of hire.

Please note that for insurance purposes we can only hire equipment to paid up members of Orchard Link.  


Hiring without membership significantly adds to the administrative burden of the hiring process. 

If you make a booking without being a confirmed paid up member at that time, your booking will be cancelled.  If you pay online for such a booking, the fee will be refunded via PayPal less a sum (at least £5) to cover PayPal and other administrative costs.

The equipment available

We have a range of different sized presses for extracting the juice, electric “mills” (for pulping apples) and pasteurisers (these latter are booked separately from the press equipment kits). These are described below, with instructions for use and hire prices. When you book a press, it is provided as a complete “kit” with the mill, buckets, etc - a full list of equipment can be found on the links below. You will need to provide a safe electricity supply for the mill (240V supply capable of handling a 2.2Kw load), a good supply of clean water to clean fully the equipment after use, and any smaller items like sieves and funnels for bottling, as well as (of course) the bottles.


This link will take you to a basic calendar of current confirmed and paid for hires to give you an indication of when equipments are not available.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a manually created calendar and may be slightly out of date; the definitive availability is always via the booking page. Those who may have used the smartphone apps, please delete them as they appear no longer to list Orchard Link, so we've removed the links (8/9/17)

How to book the equipment

Use one of the links below to find out which equipment is best suited to your needs.  From there, you can follow the “book now” link which will take you to our on-line booking system. 

If you are not already a member of Orchard Link, please follow the links to the membership application page at this point.  Bookings made by non-members will be cancelled; for those who join at the same time as making a booking, please ensure your membership is paid within a few days of the booking, or the hire will be cancelled as the insurance will not be valid without membership.  

If you are hiring on behalf of a Community Orchard or other co-operative group, the named hirer must be a member AND MUST be present and supervising the use of the equipment on the hire day for the insurance to be valid.

The “book now” link takes you to a calendar showing the availability of that particular piece of equipment.  Equipment is hired by the day: find a day that is free, select it and you will be led through the booking process. Note that you must make your booking at least two days before you want the equipment, although it may be possible to book inside that date in the event of a cancellation (see T&C below).  If you cannot select the date you want for the equipment you want then that means it is already booked for that day.

At the end, you will be transferred to our PayPal page to make a payment using your debit or credit card or using your existing PayPal account if you have one.  The "Pay Later" option on the booking page is only for large commercial organisations (e.g. the National Trust, Schumacher College) which use purchase orders and thus require an invoice and booking reference number for Orchard Link to gain payment.  If you are an individual or community orchard representative then a booking made using "Pay Later" will be cancelled.

Our booking system can only take bookings for one equipment and one day at a time.  You can book more than one day, but you will need to go through the booking process separately for each day you want the equipment.

On receipt of your booking, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail message confirming your booking, and providing more information about how to arrange collection of the equipment nearer the time and how to find out who has the equipment before and after you.  It also contains a link with which to cancel your hiring (see cancellation terms below).  Please take the time to read this confirmation email thoroughly as it contains the information which answers the most frequent queries raised.

 Change of Date or Cancellation

Change of Date: If you simply want to change the date, provided there are more than 7 days to go to the hire date AND you have checked through the booking system that the new date is available for that equipment, then please email Presshire, or leave a voicemail on 0330 043 7846.  As soon as the email or the voicemail is read, the date will be changed if still available.  This will remove the need for a cancellation and rebooking.

Cancellation: If you need to cancel your booking completely, please do so as soon as possible using the cancellation link in the confirmation email.  This will cancel your booking instantly and remove it from the system.  It will maximise your chances of a refund (see below for terms).  If for some reason you cannot do this, then email  your cancellation to Presshire, or leave a voicemail on 0330 043 7846; although these alternative means may incur a slight delay. In both of the latter cases please ensure you include your name, the date of the hire and which equipment is involved.

Location, collection and return of equipment

Each hirer will normally collect the equipment from the previous hirer, or from our store at Ugborough, near Ivybridge, depending on where it is after the last hirer. Because of the logistics involved, we are only able to hire equipment out to Orchard Link members in South Devon. Pasteurisers will need to be collected from, and returned to, our store separately.  We expect our hirers to manage the collection, return and transfer of the equipments through good communication with the hirers before and after them.  The booking confirmation emails contain all the information necessary to do this.  

A simple flowchart to guide you can be downloaded here.

After you have passed on the equipment to the next hirer or to the store, you should email Presshire to inform us where the equipment is then located.


The presses and the electric mills are completely safe if operated correctly, but could cause injury if misused, therefore the safety instructions must be followed. Hiring members are responsible for ensuring all those using the equipment are fully briefed on its correct operation before use and supervised throughout the hire period. Children in particular should be supervised at all times when using or close to the equipment.

Terms and conditions

Insurance: Orchard Link insurance is only valid if the named hirer is present throughout the period of hire and supervising the safe operation of the equipment at all times and in accordance with the operating instructions (See the Safety section above).  Orchard Link will accept no liability for any damage or injury, however caused, if this condition is not adhered to.

Cancellation charges: If you cancel a booking within two days of hire start: no refund. Within seven days of hire start: 50% refund (80% if we can re-hire). More than seven days before hire start: 100% refund. Any refunds will be made through PayPal or paid by cheque to your postal address, depending on how you paid.

Care of equipment: Hirers are required to use the equipment strictly in accordance with the instructions provided and to pass it on in clean and operable condition.

Losses and breakages: Hirers must check the equipment on receipt to ensure everything is present and working correctly.  If there are any losses, breakages or malfunctions, you must notify Orchard Link, the previous and the next hirer straight away.  To be fair to all hirers, in the event of damage or loss caused by misuse, failure to follow the operating instructions, or mistreatment, or if you fail to report a loss or damage you may lose your opportunity to hire the equipment again in the future.

If you have a query about your booking or the equipment which is not covered by the detail of your confirmation email, you can email Presshire, leave a voicemail on 0330 043 7846 or you can contact us through the website here.